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BraunPrize 2015 – Facts & News

Experiences from the BraunPrize 2015 event. Click here for 3:30 min version

23.12.2015   10:00

The extraordinary BraunPrize 2015 year draws to a close. A big thank you goes to all the participants, our fans, supporters, guest jurors and jury members!
We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

01.10.2015   12:00

Insights from the BraunPrize 2015 event held on the 30th of September at Braun in Kronberg, Germany.

An international jury and an invited audience of about 250 representatives from the design sector and other areas of industry, technology and the media with a special interest in the field of design came together and selected the winners of both the Student and Professional & Enthusiast category for the 19th edition of the BraunPrize.

28.08.2015   16:30

Design today and the design of world – Insights from the 2015 Judging process.

Click here for 3:30 min version

21.08.2015   16:00

The 2015 BraunPrize Jury and the idea of “good design” today.

Click here for 3 min version

Previous News

14.08.2015   17:00

The BraunPrize 2015 – The search for the extra in the ordinary.

Click here for 2 min version

13.07.2015   14:00

All participants have now been notified if their project has been shortlisted or not.
The BraunPrize exhibition projects will be announced on our website after September 30, 2015.

19.06.2015   14:00

Over the past 3 days the Jury have reached a final result. The finalists will have the chance to present their projects to an international design forum at the final judging event in Kronberg on the 30th of September.

18.06.2015   09:00

Day 3 – Selection of finalists, sustainability award winners and extraordinary projects for exhibition.

17.06.2015   09:00

Day 2: Professionals&Enthusiasts category. BraunCollection, Kronberg, Germany.

16.06.2015   09:00

The judging process his underway in the BraunCollection, Kronberg. Day 1: Student category. We have received in total 2510 submissions for the BraunPrize 2015 from 67 nations around the world.

10.05.2015   24:00

The submission period is now closed for the Create & Win competition!

11.05.2015   10:00

A big thank you and congratulations to all participants that uploaded their extraordinary product design concepts by May 10, 2015.

We are now counting down the days to the jury session in June where the best entries will be selected.

30.04.2015   00:00

The Post & Win competition
is now closed!

01.05.2015   09:05

Thank you to all who posted something extraordinary!
The Braun Design team will select the winners soon. All last minutes entries will be considered and uploaded ready for the judging session.

17.04.2015   09:15

Heather Martin on the evolution of Design and the BraunPrize 2015!

Click here for 4min version

16.04.2015   10:00

Submissions can now be uploaded until
May 10, 2015.
Extended deadline for Create&Win: May 10,
Post&Win deadline: April 30, 2015.

16.04.2015   10:02

In our experience, finding the Extra in the Ordinary can sometimes take extra time.
We have received requests from Universities and Design schools around the world to move our initial deadline.
As we live in a real-time world, the deadline has been extended by 10 days.

27.03.2015   10:19

Dieter Rams on the opportunities for design and the BraunPrize 2015!

Click here for 3min version

27.03.2015   10:16

18.03.2015   9:40

The BraunPrize team selected the winners of the early bird lottery for three extraordinary Braun wristwatches.

18.03.2015   09:35

The early bird lottery winners are: Kai-Chun Cheng, Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Hayo Gebauer, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Adam H-K, London, United Kingdom

02.03.2015   09:00

The early bird submission phase is now closed.
Thanks to all the participants who already sent the
requested materials by the end of February.

Please note: final submission date: April 30, 2015

05.02.2015   10:15

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30.01.2015   13:25

Take part in the
early bird lottery

And you can win 1 of
3 Braun watches

30.01.2015   12:05

Contact the BraunPrize team If you have any questions about the competition please send an
e-mail to

30.01.2015   12:03

30.01.2015   11:15

90 days left to join the Post & Win competition

19th edition of BraunPrize since 1968. The international competition for product design concepts.

30.01.2015   10:16

BraunPrize is endorsed by icsid
We are delighted that the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design supports the BraunPrize this edition again.
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